2 for £7.50 offer- what should i get?

ok there is this 2 for £7.50 offer and im shopping online. i can get either:

1. Sabai 4 X 275ml
Alcohol Content 5
A refreshing new wine spritzer infused with the red fruit of Hibiscus.
– i think this is a definite- its imported from thailand and I MISS THAILAND…
and hey, how often do you get something flavoured with hibiscus?

2. Sabai Pomegranate 4x275ml

A refreshing new wine spritzer infused with the ruby rich juice of Pomegranate.

3. Manhattan Co. Mojito 70cl no further info given

i dont even know what a mojito is but it sounds tropical enough for me.. if anyone knows please say

4. Manhattan Co. Long Island Iced Tea 70cl no further info given

so anyway which two should i get? i think the first is a definite as i miss thailand,


and im thinking of leaning towards 2 also for same thai reason, tho you can get pomegranite stuff over here so maybe i should get the mojito instead?

granted i would probably even buy a ping pong ball if it came from thailand lol so i dunno. otherwise i could just get all four tho im not sure how good long island ice tea mix would be, as surely thats just like 7 shots and coke? so not sure if i see that point. but who knows.

so everyone, what should i get? remember i have to get blocks of 2 for the offer.

oh, also.. should i bother buying Red Square Vodka 70cl on sale for £6.96? thanks


2 Responses to “2 for £7.50 offer- what should i get?”

  1. wytchey Says:

    1 as it sounds like your heart is set on it! 2 sounds nice but is very much the same type of thing as number 1, so maybe 3 for a bit of variety? Mojitos are a lot less sweet than #2 sounds, so if you like sweet things numbers 1&2, if you want a bit of variety, 1&3..

    I will admit I’m biased though as I love Mojitos and really hate Iced tea lol…

    Unless I’m mistaken red square vodka is a premix thing, we get it here and tis sort of vodka with redbull flavour, or vodka with lemon or whatever, so if its that then £6.96 sounds quite expensive for 70cl..

  2. The Green Riptide Says:

    3 an 4 for variety, variety is the spice of life, as they say