Acai berries?? where to get them? 10 points:)?

i heard they have really good health benefits..i've seen that you can order them off websites but can you buy them from stores also?..and have any of you ever had them?

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  1. just a dreamer Says:

    I've been looking into acai berries.. haven't tried them yet though.
    I'm sure they have acai berry juice or supplements at some stores, you could check the health food section of your local grocery store, or if you have a health food store nearby it's likely they'd carry something like that.
    Most of my vitamin/health food shopping I do online @ Vitacost. I'm able to find things for a lot cheaper than other places, including my local stores. They also have a huge selection.
    Here's a link if you want to check it out:

    Hope that helps 🙂

  2. me Says:

    I have heard about it but i have never tried it before..i want to but im not too sure..i know that oprah reccommends it as well..well im sure u can but it at GNC

  3. Rowena Says:

    You can buy the berries in grocery stores but not all grocery stores sell these berries. I love Acai juice. Virtually all grocery stores sell V8 Fusion Acai Berry juice. Look in the juice isle. Delicious trust me.

    Hope I helped 🙂

  4. collegestreet1 Says:

    Hey I've been getting themoff line for free, but let me warn you. You have to remember to cancel the free trails or they charge you! 🙁 I forgot to cancel one of them and got charges 30 dollars but I got about 4 bottles for free 🙂 so it was worth it haha. The sites I use are sweet
    Heres the two links if your interested just remember to cancel the free trials they send you a months supply for liek 5 bucks for shipping 🙂 good luck hope this helps.

    Good luck I liked both products

  5. Sand K Says:

    you can buy it at stores but since this site is offering a free trial,why not go for one free trial instead

  6. Meow771 Says:

    you can get soomthies and frozen yougurt of those berries at robeks 🙂

  7. brittanymoore2008 Says:

    Me personally I drink MonaVie its is a product made from the Acai berry. I have been drinking it for about a year now. I have to say I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I feel much better. I have less headaches and less menstural pains.. I have also notice some wieght gain which is an added plue :)However it is not a pill it is a juice. There are 3 different types of juice you can purchase through Monavie. I drink the original purple bottle and it makes me feel great..
    I purcahse this product directly throught the monavie website and it is only 39.00 bucks a bottle.. you can order in bulk or one bottle.. is the website I use
    hope this helps