Acai berry?

What do you guys know about acai berry ad its health benefits?

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  1. Gaivota S Says:

    I'm pursuing a master's in nutrition and the main focus of my study are the benefits of the Acai berry. Acai berry is very rich in phenolic compounds which are basically antioxidants.

    For that reason, acai is very helpful in all body's metabolic pathways including those that regulate cancer and several other diseases.

    There is a study at University of Florida that proves that Acai may reduce the number of cancer cells in Leukemia… Google it and check out the article. It is worth it reading….

  2. motherx5tjmsa Says:

    The Acai Berry which is commonly pronounced a-sigh-ee, is a rather small, round, and black-looking purple. It resembles a grape or a blueberry, but is yet smaller and darker. This fruit has a large seed and minimum amount of pulp. The acai fruit berry is now broadly used in energy juices, ice cream, certain energy bars with granola.

    Acai has been used for many generations by the natives of Brazil. Acai boasts 10 times the antioxidant benefits of grapes and twice that of blueberries.

    What are the Chief Health Benefits that have made Acai Berry Famous?

    Boosts energy levels
    Improves digestive function
    Improves mental clarity/focus
    Promotes sound sleep
    Provides all vital vitamins
    Contains several important minerals
    Is an extremely powerful free radical fighter
    Acai has very high levels of fibers
    Cleanses and Detoxifies the body of infectious toxins
    Strengthens your immune system
    Enhances sexual desire and performance
    Fights cancerous cells
    Slows down the aging process
    Promotes healthier and younger-looking skin
    Alleviates diabetes
    Normalizes and regulates cholesterol levels
    Helps maintain healthy heart function
    Minimizes inflammation
    Improves circulation
    Prevents artherosclerosis
    Enhances visual acuity

    People Who Have Taken Acai Reported the Following Additional Health Benefits:

    Relieves arthritis pain
    Helps to clear skin of warts
    Reduces the occurrence of seizures
    Helps to reduce physical injuries & speed up recovery
    Helps stabilize normal blood sugar levels
    Helps improve patients suffering from leukemia
    Fights general depression
    Supports weight loss
    Improves upon your overall physical strength

  3. Tj M Says:

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  4. more Says:

    Before You Use Acai Berry, Have You Considered Side Effects?

    Our Objective: There is no doubt that the popularity of Acai Berry has been dramatically growing during the last 24 months. On the other hand acai is rumoured to be responsible for many side effects. We have conducted a detailed study on Acai Berry side effects for a period of roughly 9 months. The results obtained from the 22 products available online are listed here. The purpose of our testing project was to verify the Acai Berry side effects and potentials associated with these 22 Acai Berry products. Actually, only 3 products were proved to be safe and highly effective.

    Just to make it clear, there were no Acai Berry side effects at all reported from any of these 3 products. Besides they all meet our quality criteria -effective for weight loss, rich in antioxidants, with cholesterol lowering abilities-. It is also important that they all offer a 1-month free trial which means that you have nothing to lose. Top Grade Acai is the product with the top honors. Top Grade Acai was able to provide a weight loss of 18 lbs in a period of only 2 weeks , and this is the best weight loss provided by all Acai products. In order to avoid scammy or dangerous products please read our review carefully.