And Medicine or Suppliment to open Artery Blocks of the Heart? Alternate to bypass surgery (doctors only plzz)

A CT Coronary Angiography was done on my dad,

The result:
Calcium Score: 300, (93% of correlated percentile for the age and sex of patient)

Right coronary artery: Dominent Vessel, long segment completely occulsive desease (100%) is seen affecting the proximal & midsegment at the vessel. Distal segment is normal

Left Main Coronary Artery: An accentric plaque is seen at the superior wall of the left main causing approx 30% luminal stenosis, bifurcates into LAD & LCx

Left anterior decending artery: High grade diffuse lesion is seen affecting the proximal segment of LAD with maximal luminal stenosis of approx 90%.Rest of the LAD is normal. Focal approx 75% lesion is seen at the proximal D1.

Circumflex: Circumflex is normal, OMI is a good caliber vessel exhibit focal high grade disease at the mid segment causing luminal stenosis exceeding 75%.
Suggest : Cathetor Angiography:

Do you suggest anything better than a bypass surgery? He is fine but doctors say surgery asap

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  1. The mom Says:

    Not a doctor, but I work with post op patients and have worked cardiac ICU and have a father 15 years post-quad bypass, with stents now. Your father is a prime candidate for a bypass. He will seem fine until that left coronary artery occludes- or blocks, then he's in for a heart attack. And that will change everything forever. Bypass surgery is serious surgery, make no mistake. But there really isn't a good optional treatment in some cases. And it's a lot better if it's done before there is permanent damage to the heart itself. Hearts can tolerate a lot, and will work on in spite of it, but there always comes a point where something has to give. The right coronary artery is at the moment occluded- blocked completely in other words. Fortunately, the right side only has to pump blood to the lungs. The left coronary artery is 30% blocked, the left anterior descending is only 10% open. The left side of the heart supplies the heart muscle and the rest of the body. Damage to the left side of the heart is plain serious and ugly, simply put. I don't tell you all this to scare you. I know personally how it feels to hear your dad needs a bypass. I happened to know enough at the time my dad got the news to be really scared. And it wasn't even my heart involved. That bypass let my dad live to see four more grandchildren born, and recently- to hold his first great-grandchild. He's still as mean and ornery as ever, and still has years of life left in him yet. Had he not had the bypass when he did- and that was after he delayed it and actually had a heart attack – he would not have enjoyed any of that, I assure you. The surgery will be hard, on him and the rest of the family at first. There will be days he wonders why he did it. But I promise, give it six months. He will recover, and he will live to be glad he did it. Talk it all over with the cardiologist. But they don't recommend the surgery if there are other options. Honestly, they don't. Nobody likes to do it if there are other ways viable to try first. I wish you all the luck in the world, and tell you as one who has been there- it's worth it.

  2. Avin Says:

    i am not a doc but 1 of my relative had the same prob and he decided to not go 4 CABG,he took CHELATION THERAPY a kind of injections which contents,EDTA,HEPARIN etc and clears off the block very fast and side effects are minimal,now he is well and find symptomic relief.also his tests like crtograph shows insignificant blockages.

  3. online4purchases Says:

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  4. Tracy M Says:

    Unfortunately there is no medicine to dissolve plaques in the arteries. You'll kind of have to wait and see what the angiogram results are, and go from there. A coronary CT scan gives an idea of disease, but sometimes things can look better or worse on the cath films. I think your Dad's doctor is trying to prepare you all for the probability of surgery. Read all you can, ask lots of questions, and be there to support your Dad. Be thankful that this was caught before he had a big heart attack that could be debilitating or even worse fatal.

    Good luck, hope this was helpful.