any herbal or organic natural supplements like oxycodone?

I have taken vicodin and percocet before and they help with my back pain a lot and helps me sleep well too, but I hate that the doctors always look at me like I’m a junkie, I only used 1 prescription for 20 tablets in the past year then when I asked for more my doctor told me I have an addictive personality…I broke my back last year and I have been in physical therapy for months…I’m getting better but I really need something for pain sometimes

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4 Responses to “any herbal or organic natural supplements like oxycodone?”

  1. ding s. Says:

    those are opiates. opiates come from the poppy flower.

  2. Jenni Says:

    Find another doctor. Doctors have an obligation to treat your pain. It’s unlawful not to. If he can’t treat your pain for you then you should find another doctor or ask if your doctor can refer you to a pain management specialist. It might be a good idea for you to go to a pain management specialist as they can help you learn how to deal with your pain with and without drugs. Good luck! Take care!

  3. Joe Says:

    Pure uncut raw Opium.

  4. mones_mom Says:

    unfortunately those who get hooked on these drugs make it hard for those who really need it to be looked at any other way. my sister was really bad off into loritabs and oxycodones. i’m sorry to hear about your dilemma. my best advice is to either tell your doctor straight out you are not here to get meds because your a junkie, your here because you are in REAL pain and need a REAL solution. I got really sick of my doctor only giving my high doses of tylenol for my c-section. i hate pills, but trying to take care of a newborn and recover from a c-section is not easy. so i feel your pain. if the doc still looks at you crazy then i would try to find another doctor.