Are almonds a good, healthy snack?

I have heard they are the best nut to snack on as they have many health benefits and are lower in calories than many other nuts. Is this true? And how many almonds is enough for a snack? I packed about 35 in a baggy and have eaten about a dozen so far. They are Trader Joe's brand of roasted, reduced salt almonds. I wouldn't eat the canned ones they have in the regular grocery store.

5 Responses to “Are almonds a good, healthy snack?”

  1. Richard J Says:

    hope this gives some idea about almonds

  2. Tara Belle Says:

    almonds are GREAT a handful is plenty

  3. Andrea H Says:

    yes almonds are good for you i like to pick m y own and slightly toast them in a pan with a little salt,I'm lucky we have an abundance of almond trees all around me,so keep snacking they wont do you any harm and if you can pick you're own too even better nothing like the fresh from the tree taste ,but they do take some opening.

  4. drummergrl93 Says:

    Yes, because not only do they have lots of protein, it's also yummy and good for shiny hair!

  5. SAI2301 Says:

    Yes!The best source of calcium,Vitamin E,phyto-amino acids and healthy fat.They can give you a feeling of higher progesterone/testosterone levels.What i do insist is please stick to raw almonds as roasting almonds turn the nutrients into compunds of bad cholesterol.If you have to flavour them, why not make your own dark chocolate sauce & dip some raw almonds before freezing them?? 12 of those a day will make a great snack before hitting the gym as it will help the body to retain muscle while burning excess fat more effectively.