Are organic fish oils supplements healthy? and which is the best brand for fish oils supplements?

I heard that fish oils have a high concentration of mercury so if I take organic fish oils supplements would it be healthy?

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  1. healthyme Says:

    Fish oil is great for you for many reasons! Log on to They have all organic supplements including omega3 (healthy fish oils). They have many variations of Omega 3 including Veggie 150 Omega Complex that is actually fish free! I encourage you to check it out! 🙂

    Hope this Helps!

  2. showed that hoe Says:

    Well fish oil pills helped my mom’s cholesterol go down by 19 points in about two months, and she didn’t change her diet at all.

  3. intheflow Says:

    I found a really good fish oil and it doesn’t make you burp or taste bad.
    My Naturopathic Doctor recommends it. It’s called Carlsons Cod Liver oil and you can find the cheapest price for it on

  4. Mary Says:

    YES, fish oil is very good for you, because almost everyone is extremely deficient in the omega-3 that comes from fish oil, and this deficiency compromises cell function and leads to a lot of health risks. Any brand that you buy will be purified of mercury and almost certainly have a much lower concentration than in fish.

    These are some of the leading brands of fish oil:

    Personally, however, I recommend , because it’s potent, fresh, and tasteless.

    Some general tips when purchasing a fish oil:

    Look at the supplement facts. You want 2,000 mg EPA/DHA in a daily dose. However, it’s natural for about 20% of the omega-3 content to be made up of other omega-3s. Generally doctors believe that since human genetics adapted to require fish oil in its natural state, the natural composition ratio is better than one with more than 80% of its omega-3 coming from EPA/DHA. The total EPA/DHA content should not exceed 30% of the total supplement, either.

    Try to figure out which oil has been adulterated less. A lot of companies use the word "winterized" – this means they’ve taken out the thicker portion of the fish oil (which, like olive oil, tends to separate) to make it last longer, gotten rid of a lot of the omega-3 in the process and, again, messed with the natural structure.

    Finally, don’t buy anything with added omega-9 or omega-6. Omega-9 is basically just olive oil, and omega-6 is sort of omega-3’s nemesis. It comes from things like trans fats, and it’s because of the modern diet’s extremely high (think 30:1) omega-6/omega-3 ratio that omega-3 is so important in the first place. You want a ratio of 4:1 at the most, so taking omega-6 just contributes to the problem.

    Good luck!

  5. Ohiorganic Says:

    because fish is regulated by the dept of commerce there is no organic certification program for fish so any fish can be called organic, even farm raised fish not treated organically. "organic" fish will have no lower mercury levels than any other fish.

    Go for oils from wild caught fish over farmed fish as wild caught fish is lower in all bad things and higher in the good things such as the omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids (which is why you take fish oils)