Are Smoked almonds healthy?

Do smoked almonds defeat the health benefits of almonds?

If I rinse the almonds of the seasoning with water, will it improve the health benefits? Will it damage the quality of the almond?
Believe it or not, the store didn’t have unsalted almonds. I settled for smoked, but I tasted them and seen the sodium count and it was explosive.

I like plain almonds, so would watering off the seasoning improve the health benefit?

3 Responses to “Are Smoked almonds healthy?”

  1. Matante Says:

    The seasoning is very salty, but if you only eat some it won’t hurt you. Don’t spoil the taste by trying to wash them, next time buy them unsalted to begin.

  2. Kendii Says:

    I’d eat raw nuts. Usually when they get cooked it’s with loads of oils and salt.

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