Are supplements good for health?

I have just started the gym are supplement good for health and what are the side effects?

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  1. Ding-Ding Says:

    Good For You! Get that bod in shape!

    About the supplements, it depends. You are going to be exerting a lot of energy and the body will perspire. You will lose water and various minerals during exertion. They need to be replaced. Fluids especially. When taking vitamins and minerals always be moderate. Taking too much of ANYTHING can make you ill, cause upset stomach, nausea, dizziness, etc. EVEN too much exercise.

    It's good to take potassium, magnesium and zinc as these are easily flushed from the system during exercise. The B-Complex vitamins are very good, too. A good woman's multi-vitamin is not out of line either.

    A lot of gyms hype all sorts of vitamins and minerals and protein mixes. You have to be careful with your selection. Best bet, check with your physician on the exercise regimen and the supplements.

    Please watch out for the protein drinks, many young people have developed rhabdomyolysis due to the increased creatine in their systems. Most protein drinks have this as a main ingredient. The diagnosis is typically made when an abnormal renal function and elevated creatine kinase and potassium levels are observed in a patient. It leads to kidney failure and sometimes death if not properly treated.

    This usually happens when guys try to "bulk-up", (gain muscle mass quickly). It's uncommon in women, but does happen if they exercise too long and too vigorously. (some of the research is pointing to women's kidneys functioning on a higher level due to being able to become pregnant, sometimes it pays to be female!)

    Good Luck and Healthy Days

  2. Ankush Says:

    Yes they are good !!!