Are There Any Health Supplements That Help To Combat Against The Harmful Effects Of Air Pollution?

I'm thinking about moving to Chicago. However, I am greatly concerned about the poor air quality there.

Are there any health supplements available that are effective in combating against the harmful effects of air pollution?

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  1. Duncan M Says:

    Yes there are a couple of great nutrients to protect the lungs. Live organic camu camu, it's the highest concentration of natural vitamin C in any known food in the world. There is also a natural whole food supplement that will protect the lung tissue against pollution.

  2. wahoo10001 Says:

    No but you have to live. Do not worry whatever God wills.

  3. NekoMimi Says:

    The air is bad everywhere…

    Wherever you live now is prob no better. Over all Chicago has better air quality then most major cities… We keep LOTS of trees and forrest preserves and parks.

    Just take a multi vitamin and you will be fine…

    It is still SUN that is the most damaging thing to you…

  4. 2rickfree Says:

    I would worry more about the air in the buildings then the air outside in Chicago. Take a walk on the lake and let yourself feel the fresh air as much as possible. Being the windy city means that the as doesn't get as much chance to get as stale as other areas.

  5. Michelle Says:

    Ari polution is never good for your health and while Chicago may have better air quality than many large cities, if you are used to living in a more rural setting you may notice a difference.

    Anti-oxidants are good to help the body fight off the effects of any toxins we take in so taking vitamins and eating foods rich in anti-oxidants as well as drinking green, red or white teas. Drinking lots of water and supporting the kidneys with things like cranberry and parsley (do not drink cranberry juice with sugar, the sugar is just another toxin your body will need to throw off) supporting the liver with milk thistle supplements is also a good idea.

    Eat lots of fresh raw veggies and unprocessed foods, avoid smoking and too much alcohol. These are all good things to do wven without air polution but they will help your body to stay strong. You may also like to invest in an air purifyer for your home ans change the air filters on your furnace often.

  6. draggonfly12 Says:

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