Are there different kinds OF CALCIUM? GOOD AND BAD?

Excerpt from article on risk of heart attacks increasing with bigger bellies. "They looked specifically at atherosclerosis, a systemic thickening and calcification of artery blood vessel walls due to a build-up of calcium and/or plaque composed of cholesterol and triglyceride fats." What's the diff?and has it got anything to do with drinking milk/calcium intake?HORROS

One Response to “Are there different kinds OF CALCIUM? GOOD AND BAD?”

  1. ^sPades Says:

    Yes, there are different compounds containing calcium. Pure calcium oxidises when exposed to air, and turns into CaO.

    Dont believe everything you read either, most of these 'articles' are written with big fancy words to make them sound more believable.

    And calm down, drinking milk is not dangerous for your health unless you are lactose intolerant. If you are overwieght or dieting though, drink skim milk.