Are you interested in Acai?

Have you heard about the Acai berry? Have you tried it? Do you know what kind of health benefits it offers?

As an Acai user, and an Acai blogger, I can become amazed at this little Amazonian fruit and the health benefits it offers. I'm always looking for people to share what I have learned with, which leads me to ask again….

Are you interested in Acai?

2 Responses to “Are you interested in Acai?”

  1. . Says:

    yeah its great. i love acai bowls with granola and fruit. they are so delicious and great for you. i love eating it after the gym.

  2. VSC Says:


    Yes! I discovered Acai last year and enjoy it every day now.

    I used to take Blueberry products, but then discovered that the better Acai products just blow blueberry health benefits out of the water!

    I suppose the challenge (like most things), is to make sure you get the best products (freeze dried … etc).

    Thanks for your question,