Best site to buy supplements online?

Where do you buy your supplements? Have you had any problems with the product?

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12 Responses to “Best site to buy supplements online?”

  1. 99gail Says:

    I like Swanson Vitamins. They have great quality, selection and are very reasonable. They have many great products in their own brand line. If I can’t find what I want there I go to Vitacost. I’ve been happy ordering from both.

  2. shmoo Says: They have good prices and I’ve never had a problem with them. I’ve ordered from there 3 or 4 times.

  3. BBq Says:

    Nature’s Sunshine is by far the best and in the 8-9 years of ordering with them, there is not one problem. They test and test their products. Their vitamins are good too but….

    Nature’s Way has an excellant vitamin/suppllement called Alive! Whole Food Energizer (multi-vitamin). Their women’s daily vits gave me tons of energy and I knew my body was getting what it needed. This Alive is even better and has everything imaginable….fruits, veggies, omega 3’s, enzymes amino acids and more!!! I could feel a huge difference in just a few days. They say it absorbs into your system in 20 minutes. I notice I am not as hungry either as my body is being well fed. Their herbs are not the quality of Nature’s Sunshine but they have them beat on the multi-vitamin scene.

    You can go online and order any of these. With Nature’s Sunshine, you can sign up and save a bundle or order thru a distributer. If you sign up, they send you very good info too. Nature’s Way can be found even in the high end grocery stores or in a health food store and their prices are good. I found the Alive for a much better price on line.

  4. hollylitespeed Says:

    I shop They have a huge variety of brands, including some of the more obscure ones. The prices are very good. Check out the product offering for supplements here:

    Oh yeah, shipment is prompt too.

  5. The Rebel Says:

    try … Check out the entire site . It has some good information about nutrition

  6. hipcat Says:

    The Vitamin Shoppe is inexpensive and only carries top quality brands. Been using them for over 15 years.

  7. luthienrobbins Says: THE BEST! i love them, and their prices arent bad. shipping is low cost, and you get your pills fast. they also have reviews, generics, and specials going on all the time at clearence prices.

  8. Superstar Says:

  9. Angela V Says:

    Botanic Choice

  10. paolouccio Says: because they carry whole food liquid vitamins and…they have have a section to beat other wholesalers prices…

  11. sugars_that_heal Says:

    you can get the worlds best on my page and have no problems at all.

  12. Rebecca Says:

    well as if you didnt have enough replies on this one..
    i use