Calcification in Neck… Chiropractor Please Help?

My chiropractor showed me xrays and said that I had calcification around my arteries or by them. I tried to get him to explain but I still didn't get it. I am very scared cuz I looked it up online and it sounds like cholesterol and problems like that. I am 25 he told me he sees this in the elderly not at my age. Please Help I am scared!!

5 Responses to “Calcification in Neck… Chiropractor Please Help?”

  1. Skeeeeeetz Says:

    Don't be scared. I'm no doctor but I don't think you can see arteries in a Xray!

    Either way, a chiropractor cannot fix your condition or any other. At best, they would just make your muscles feel better. It would be best to first see your doctor or an orthopedic specialist. I would advise that your do everything you can to avoid chiropractic treatment, as it will often do more harm than good.

    Chiropractors have to believe that everything causes conditions that only they can fix so they can convince patients that we can't live comfortably without visits twice per week.

    I had a stroke last year as a result of chiropractic treatment and have since made it a priority to raise awareness of the dangers of chiropractic care. I ask that anyone going to visit a chiropractor to be aware of the risks and make an informed decision about treatment.

  2. MAC Says:

    go seek the advice of a doctor of medicine. get some blood tests done.

  3. Bambolero Says:

    Calcifications seen on an xray can be an early sign of atherosclerosis (plaque formation)of the arteries. In a 25 year old, I would worry about a familial type of high cholesterol that causes premature vascular plaque formation. Anyone in your family have heart attacks at an early age? Go see your medical doctor and have a proper work-up—this is not a death sentence, there are a lot of treatments available.

  4. chandrasekharam b Says:

    Calcification around the arteries of the neck at the age of 25 is quite uncommon. You may please repeat the xray test and consult the specialist for necessary advice. There appears no need for anxiety please.

  5. future fate Says:

    This is a common finding on x-rays, and normally nothing to worry about it except the Chiro should probably take it a bit easy on the neck adjustments and not overrotate (which I never do anyway).
    You are young to have them. Does high cholesterol run in your family? Or heart problems?
    Get a cholesterol test – I think you can buy them at the drugstore these days! Then if you have it start modifying your diet and exercise more – forget high cholesterol drugs they are a scam and cause more death than they prevent.