Can anyone tell me where i can buy pure pomegranate juice that is NOT from concentrate?

Its damn near impossible to find any juice that isn’t. Concentrate is hardly good for you. (UK)

11 Responses to “Can anyone tell me where i can buy pure pomegranate juice that is NOT from concentrate?”

  1. merciasounds Says:

    Rubicon makes it, but it’s horrendously expensive by comparison, one pound forty nine for a 100ml bottle. Most good supermarkets sell it, as do healthfood shops. Alternatively buy a juicer and make your own when in season, that way you can get fresh juice from what’s ever in season then

  2. mr_think_e_knowsall Says:

    Yes. Morissons do a fresh Pom juice not from concentrate. Its about £2.99 though for 1 pint size bottle. Never tried it yet. Let me know what it tastes like when u do!

  3. tapping toes Says:

    I’ve seen it in the grocery stores… POM juice is in the refrigerated fruits/vegetables section (US)

  4. Concerned Says:

    If you want the pure concentrate you can purchase at any Health Food store.

  5. Patrick G Says:

    Buy pomegranates at the market and make it yourself.

  6. BigDaninBedford Says:

    I bought some from M&S yesterday with my lunch. It was £2.49 for 500ml though, and i thought that was pretty extortionate

  7. james michael c Says:

    yes tesco sell it it is kept on the fresh fruit drinks shelf

  8. hedgeybear Says:


  9. c.a.r Says:

    M&S, Morrisons, Tesco and probably Asda. its around 2.50 to 3.50

  10. Baps . Says:

    You can get it in Tesco’s or Sainsbury’s as that is where I buy it from

  11. David W Says:

    You can buy fresh pomegranate juice in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Its terrific, straight off the trees.
    Most fruit juice sold in UK supermarkets is made from concentrate. Its much more expensive to transport fresh juice because you are shipping a lot of water and it needs to be refrigerated.