Can arterial plaque build-up or clogged arteries be reversed?

I'm worried about some real close to me. Can the damage be reversed?
someone* real close….sorry for typo

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  1. GetDark Says:

    Yes! It can definitely be reversed through diet changes, exercise and lifestyle changes. Also medication fights cholesterol and plaque that causes arteriosus. The bad cholesterol needs to go down and the good needs to come up. Blood pressure needs to be maintained in the 'healthy zone' and exercise and a diet rich in vegetables and fruits and low in saturated fats will help dramatically over time. Some foods naturally lower cholesterol (oatmeal) and the combination of exercise, eating right and avoiding things that raise blood pressure and cholesterol (smoking, saturated fats) will help reverse clogged arteries. There are also a group of medications that can help with reversing plaque and even a type of blood thinner that will help out (plavix).
    Your loved one's doctor will be able to create a plan of medication and lifestyle changes that will help dramatically if followed closely. Encourage them to exercise, lay off fast food and foods rich in fat and to take the medication (if prescribed) as directed by the doctor.
    It can be serious but it can also successfully be reversed. The doc's advice should always be followed and he will be able to speak more specifically about your loved one's condition but keep hope! Be positive about it…lots of people have reversed it completely by following the doc's advice.
    In regards to the answer above, it really depends on the % of blockage. There are several things they can do now from stints to bypasses..those are worse case scenarios that were CAUGHT TOO LATE. This stuff needs to be caught early so it can be treated rather than ignored until surgery is necessary to remove the blockages. Even in those cases, many people have them done and go on to live LONG lives. My neighbor had a heart attack about 29 years ago. 29 years! And he's still active and healthy because he changed his lifestyle habits, exercises and takes his cholesterol medication.

  2. milo Says:

    now if only the prescribed medicines do not destroy organs over time!

  3. milo Says:

    completely reversed means no paycheck for doctors and no percentage kickbacks from referals, office visits, hospital staus and mavhine usages and no percentage kickbacks from drug comnpanys that are needed to pay a school debt for the informations placements bought by drug companys and hospitals when cures put them out of business? but i remember the days doctors touted the medicinal benifits of tobbaco on television as oftem as the drug companys do sales on television today….and they might have been as arrogantly smart in those days as they are today……oops ive been already medicalized

  4. mmm Says:

    am wondering if the ACE inhibitors can create anurysms as if the tension of the angio tension converting enzyme might prevent them.? and conversion not…..