Can arteries be cleaned naturally to remove fat deposits?

Hoping to hear from someone who is knowledgeable in this area.

3 Responses to “Can arteries be cleaned naturally to remove fat deposits?”

  1. PreTjenE Says:

    yes they can be CLEANED, first of all atherosclerosis or artery hardening happens over years, and just like smoking, when you stop consuming bad fat it immediately begins to help…

    here are some things to consider when considering heart health….

    1. If you smoke…stop…period, this is the NUMBER ONE risk factor to atherosclerosis and CANCER.

    2. Switch to oatmeal, instead of dry cereal, get to eating oatmeal on a regular basis it contains certain starches that BIND to cholesterol and carry it out of your system.

    3. Olive Oil and Canola need to be your primary oils, also add avacado oil and flaxseed, and almond oils…

    4. Potassium regulates the heart muscle, get enough of it.

    5. THIS IS HUGE…AVOID TRANSFAT PERIOD, if it contains this DEADLY fat just move to another product, this is the volatile fat way more harmful than saturated, keep saturated fats at bay by selecting lean meats, veggies, and fruits and whole grains, and staying away from fast food and processed food.

    6. The supplements that heal….COD LIVER OIL, and CQ10 these can change your life literally….vitamin E is good in natural form but do not over do it, some recent studies indicated some detriment to Vit. E supplements and the heart.

    7. IF you are chubby, loose 10-15 pounds even, even modest weight loss helps the heart, and stay active, walk after dinner, park the car further, make yourself move…..

  2. Eddie Says:

    No, they can not be cleaned a natural way. This is why we have cardiovascular surgeons that go in and baloon angioplasty them or do bypass surgery.

  3. Wonderwall Says:

    Yes, a diet high in Omega-3's like eating oily fish like Salmon, Mackerel, Sardines, Tuna, and other cold water fish.

    Omega-3's act as an arterial lubricant which lower LDL (the bad cholesterol) levels.