Can I give my puppy health supplements such as Cod Liver Oil, Fish Oil, Garlic etc ?

Any other suppliment idea’s and advices are welcome..

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5 Responses to “Can I give my puppy health supplements such as Cod Liver Oil, Fish Oil, Garlic etc ?”

  1. Lady Bug Pro Groomer Salon Owner Says:

    Salmon oil is great for dogs it’s good for there heart and skin, it has the omega 3 fatty acids.

    Flax oil has omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Both are good for dogs.

    I get my salmon oil from a health food store.

  2. walking lady Says:

    If your puppy’s on a top quality food, you don’t really need to add supplements other than salmon (or fish) oil because that’s excellent for skin and coat.

  3. ♥PoodlePuff♥ Says:

    I feed raw sardines sometimes… the oil is great for their coat.

    Most dog food is pretty well balanced, if you are having a problem then maybe you need to switch brands.

  4. Lorraine Says:

    As said above — if you are feeding a well balanced food then a puppy should not need supplements.

    You do have to be very careful with fish oils for this age. Especially cod liver oil. I heard of one puppy that was given so much cod liver oil that it had to be put to sleep through its bones being so soft and now malformed.

    Occasional use is fine. I feed a tin of sardines a week to my lot but they are on raw and not complete and so it is part of their diet.

    Lots of people I know do give garlic to help with fleas/ticks, but I wouldn’t give to a pup very young, and I have another friend who gives lots of reasons why it shouldn’t be used at all.

  5. Stalkers are cowards & thieves Says:

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