Can Plavix dissolve a calcified blockage in a cardiac artery?

My aunt had an agioplasty in which two blockages were found in her heart. She was told that neither was "fixed" because it would not make sense to remove the lesser blockage without also removing the larger, calcified one. Her doctor then told her that he might be able to "drill" through the calcification, but that she has to sign an agreement to open heart surgery should that attempt fail. Since she is 85, she did not want the major surgery, so her doctor put her on Plavix and aspirin to prevent heart attack and stroke. However, I wonder if this medication can actually soften and dissolve a calcified heart blockage or if this is only a vain hope. I hope a cardiologist or cardiac nurse can answer this for me. Thank you!

2 Responses to “Can Plavix dissolve a calcified blockage in a cardiac artery?”

  1. Gracinda Says:

    the reason she was put on plavix is so that she will have a reduced risk of heart attack and stroke because of her coronary artery disease.
    plavix works by keeping your blood from clotting, so it can "slip by" those calcified plaques. No it cannot affect those plaques directly; only direct intervention can.

  2. Rabby Says:

    Plavix will not dissolve a will only prevent one from forming..plavix is an anti-platelet drug..which prevents clots from forming.