carbonated calcium, bi carbonated calcium, or citrocalcium?

Hi every one,
all of us know that calcium is good for bones. but I've heard that carbonated calcium causes calcification and blockage in arteries but bi carbonated calcium is ok. I coudn't find bi carbonated calcium. what about citrocalcium? is there any idea, information, or suggestion about this issue?
thank you

3 Responses to “carbonated calcium, bi carbonated calcium, or citrocalcium?”

  1. cardiophile Says:

    Are there any authentic reports on this?

  2. milo Says:

    HAVE JUST BEEN PRESCRIBED A VIT D THAT IS CAlciferol and leaves calcium deposits on the heart and arterys after telling the doctor who refered me to a cardiologist who refered me for by-pass , that i would be trying edta to break up calcium in thew arterial walls and the plaque that was binding to it, or the reason behind the need of by=pass and also those methods for sale on these pages that were designed by nobel medicine winners in medicine and chemistry..fear they may be sabotage and closing ranks, as i have already had a stent…….

  3. milo Says:

    disease management for profit rather than health care or cure?