what is mild atherosclerostic calcification of the cavernous carotid arteries?... - view answer

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—————————– Atherosclerosis is a disease affecting arterial blood vessels. It is a chronic inflammatory response in the walls of arteries, in large part due to the accumulation of macrophage white […]

My Grandfather's heart problem.?... - view answer

Hi. My Grandfather is 93 years old. Recently in a trip to china he complained of breathlessness and experienced a fainting episode. After some tests, doctors said that aortic valve […]

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I need an expert’s opinion to help me interpret the medical terms used in my Dad’s recent CT scan report and explain to me what it might mean: "- An […]

Would the following factors @ 37wk of pregnancy drive you into considering a C – Section?? Please help?... - view answer

Despite normal umbilical artery and fetal MCA doppler study & normal liquor amount, we are facing: 1. A difference of 4 weeks in FL dimensions (BPD 38wk while FL is […]

Can Plavix dissolve a calcified blockage in a cardiac artery?... - view answer

My aunt had an agioplasty in which two blockages were found in her heart. She was told that neither was "fixed" because it would not make sense to remove the […]

What is calcification of veins? Any remedies? Does this mean that all of the veins calcify?... - view answer

My mom was told the swolen areas on either side of her neck/shoulders are caused by calcification of her veins. Is that like hardening of the arteries? She has Lupus […]

Calcification of the Arteries leading to the bran.?... - view answer

My husband went to the chiropractor yesterday and after taking xrays of his upper back and neck the Dr said there was calcification in the arteries leading to his brain. […]

What does a finding of extensive calcification of the coronary artery mean?... - view answer

This came as the result of a CT scan for something else

How far use of alkaline water help a person suffering from calcification of arteries, diabetic retinopathy?... - view answer

I am 55 and a patient of diabetes and hypertension for over 25 years. On insulin for nearly 20 years. Two years back, I was in hospital twice with pyelonephritis, […]

Please help regarding this heart /bone problem which baffles doctors even after 6 months!!!?... - view answer

Due to the problem of 70% blockage in two arteries and 90% in the right coronary, a patient underwent an angioplasty in August '06 and one in September '06 . […]

Can somebody please (10) points tell me what is wrong with my abstract?... - view answer

My teacher is having a fit. Abstract Coronary heart disease is a cardiovascular ailment considered to be a complex of diseases of varied etiology. A primary factor that initiates a […]