effect of psycho stimulants on regions of the brain?... - view answer

How amphetamine and cocaine affect specific regions of the brain,i.e: caudate putamen, hippocampus,nucleus accubens Other Related Health Sites 2008 Nucleus 3D Medical Animation Demo Reel | MMHC | MultiMedia HealthCare […]

What are these full body rushing sensations I feel while listening to music?... - view answer

I’ve looked on Google everywhere, typing every key word I can think of, but all I get are bands and stimulant trip reports. Sometimes while listening to music, I can […]

Why do people hate Drugs ?... - view answer

Im not a drug addict or anything but i just dont understand why people hate drugs and drug addicts. I would agree that they can make people violent and make […]

I am planning on drinking alcohol for the first time in my life (honestly) to overcome depression of being si?... - view answer

I am planning on drinking alcohol for the first time in my life (honestly) to overcome depression of being single and ugly. I have never tasted alcohol ever in my […]

Reversing psychosis, lowering dopamine?... - view answer

I think I’ve put myself into a slight state of psychosis thorugh the supplemntation of many supplements, herbs, stimulants and pills taken over the past year to help depression and […]

Question for doctors – Difference between drugs of anxiety & depression.?... - view answer

When i study about DEPRESSION, what actually occure in patient is the low level of serotonine and dopamine neurotransmitters and they have LOW brain activity, so the way the patient […]

Why when I took ritalin it acted more like a tranquiliser than a stimulant?... - view answer

When taking the drug I felt drowsy and more sleepy than normal. It was as if my brain had been slowed right down. This was prescribed by a dr after […]

brain stimulant for studing well?... - view answer

How can a brain stimulant be the treatment for ADHD?... - view answer

My son was just placed on Adderal and it says its a "stimulant". How can a stimulant "calm" his constant intranquility and it also say he might he having problems […]

any stimulant like tea but w/o harmful contents like caffeine, anyhitng strong and healthy to refresh brains?... - view answer

it could be any healthy stimulant, not just alternative tea.

Went to see the shrink today. I’m a little concerned?... - view answer

We were talking about my amphetamine abuse, and I mentioned to him my auditory hallucinations, dizziness, and occasional seperation from reality as well as my apparent split personality. He asked […]

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I am always fidgeting during the day and when I go to bed it doesn't change. I roll around and tap my foot on the edge of the bed. I […]