why problems with plaque build-up in the arteries could cause serious coronary problems.?... - view answer

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Can some help me with some true false?... - view answer

1. Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of deaths in the United States, accounting for nearly 45% of the total mortality rate. 2. Total cholesterol level is the best predictor […]

high blood pressure, can someone check?... - view answer

is this better High blood pressure affects many areas of the body and can be extremely harmful to the heart. High blood pressure is a main reason for heart attacks. […]

Is this CT Angiogram result normal?... - view answer

I am a 30 year old man. I am overweight, with a buldging lumbar disc, and gall stones; but otherwise healthy. I have had an irregular EKG for at least […]

Why do they say stress is a factor of a heart attack?... - view answer

We know that if a piece of plaque blocks one of the coronary arteries it can cause a heart attack. Why does however a factor here? Does it constrict the […]

No arterial plaque in coronary arteries?... - view answer

Yesterday I had a CT coronary angiogram. I have absolutely no plaque in my coronaries! Does this mean the rest of my arterial system is plaque free too?

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Tea Against Cholesterol Studies in several countries have found all three kinds of tea to have some effect in reducing cholesterol in blood fats, though oolong seems to get the […]

Do you realize that cholesterol DOES cause heart disease?... - view answer

Lots of data is available. But the facts are that high cholesterol is a contributing factor in heart disease. The connection was first noted by the Framingham study. Then you […]

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We have demonstrated for the first time that inhalation of common air pollutants affects the systemic vasculature of humans. Short-term exposure to PM2.5 and O3 at levels that occur in […]

High blood pressure, is this information correct?... - view answer

also if anyone wants to edit it or help me with a concluding sentence that can lead into how it causes heart failure High blood pressure affects many areas of […]

atherosclerosis?... - view answer

now im not tt lazy as to ask u to answer this qn.. ;0 just that i wanna ask..Which of the following types of cells is the initial target in […]

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During the procedure coronary and LV angiography & CT Angio by brother found to have following problems; Left main Coronary artery – Normal Left anterior descending artery – 95% stenosis […]