What are the health benefits of almond milk?... - view answer

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raw almonds?? keep u full??? illegal??? please help!?... - view answer

My aunt told me that raw almonds were good for you and they keep you full without lots of fat and calories. I just went online and read they raw […]

Are Smoked almonds healthy?... - view answer

Do smoked almonds defeat the health benefits of almonds? If I rinse the almonds of the seasoning with water, will it improve the health benefits? Will it damage the quality […]

Am I eating enough, in need of help, any is appreciated:)?... - view answer

So, basically I'm a health freak. I'm 18. I exercise reguarly (4-5 times a week) and I ration my meals to control carbs, calories, and ensure I have enough dairy, […]

Did You For get Dove Chocolate Discoveries Has?... - view answer

Only have 2 more wks to become a Dove Chocolatier For the .00 start up Kit,That is 300.00 in product to start your business. This is still ground Floor You […]

i have started to drink “golden milk”(turmeric paste,milk,almond oil)?... - view answer

and was wondering if any one out there has tried this for aching joints or other health concerns with any benefits,any feed back appreciated.

How to eat apples, despite allergy?... - view answer

I would love to eat apples raw, not only for the taste but also for the numerous health benefits. I used to be able to eat this super food when […]

Does almond milk taste better than soy?... - view answer

I've recently been investigating Veganism and it's health benefits. The last few weeks I've been transitioning to vegetarian and now I want to go fully vegan. Meat has been no […]

Is it good to drink milk? The text is too long but worthwhile read….?... - view answer

es esta pagina link http://notmilk.com/kradjian.html The most important information dissemination my. Not that, but I can make your text too long jajaja. If I write bad is that I am […]

a question about nuts?... - view answer

what do these nuts do? i mean their health benefits. and drawbacks peanuts: Macadamias pistachios almonds walnuts peacan nuts cashew nuts

is this healthy even though its so high in calories?... - view answer

I had a shake made with about a cup of spinach (compacted in the cup) maybe 2 stalks of celery, a scoop (or maybe 2?) of chocolate protein powder, some […]

Ok, I have a couple “opinion” questions….?... - view answer

I picked up Yerba Mate' tea by Mate' Factor (organic, original fresh green) tea. Anyone anything about this tea? Was it worth buying…is it any good and are there any […]