Do Acai Berries really make you lose weight and tone muscle?

Hi guys,

Recently I’ve gained some weight, by no means am I fat, but just like any woman I would like to be a few pounds slimmer. A co-worker of mine suggested trying acai berries and they helped her. She even recommended a website for where to get a free trial. Now my questions are:

1. Do acai berries really help you lose weight, tone muscle and benefit your health?

2. Is this site really legit? Im considering signing up for a free trial but I need to know that they really work, are legit, and won’t rob me!

Thanks guys!

6 Responses to “Do Acai Berries really make you lose weight and tone muscle?”

  1. Daisy. Says:

    These products are a waste of money, don’t work, and some are actually bad for you. No pill, potion or supplement will help. Please don’t fall for all the spam adverts you see. Many of the sites are scams and lots of people have lost a lot of money with the so called "free trials".

    All you need is a good healthy diet – lots of fruit and veg, and exercise. It takes time and motivation 🙂

  2. Rachel Says:

    Absolutely not!

    Those don’t work at all. They will clean out your colon, yes, but you’ll just gain that weight back… and possibly more. And it won’t tone muscle at all.

    No special diet pills or plans work. Just exercising the right way will help tone muscle.

    (Also, since muscle weighs more than fat, if you plan to tone yourself, expect to technically gain "weight." It’ll be normal since it’s muscle, not fat.)

  3. Bleak Says:

    Tip: Don’t trust anything advertised by spam posting message boards, especially computer programs that steal peoples accounts.

  4. candessence Says:

    I’ve only heard of Acai Berries increasing male sexual prowess by increasing blood ventilation or help blood flow smoother?… but I am not sure if it helps in slimming…

    The best way to be sexy and tone is by exercise(sit ups for toned abs/ push up for toned arms)

    I have a very slim friend with the waist of 22inches but she has flabby stomach, not very sexy when she wears tight fitted clothes.

  5. Jacob Says:

    if acai worked i would not spend 3 hours a day lifting weights and then running 4 miles, i got my body through good old fashioned bodybuilding

  6. Bobi Says:

    The acai berry have a lot of benefits:

    Contains vitamins and minerals.
    Contains huge amount of fiber.
    boost your metabolism and strength.

    Always keep in mind that acai berry weight loss can only be achieved if you know how
    to control your diet and not just by relying on the food supplements alone.