Do built-up plaque and cholesterol in your arteries ever go away if you start a diet and exercise plan?

I know eating poorly and not exercising can lead to a build up of cholesterol and plaque in your heart‘s arteries. I am just curious if one starts a diet and exercise program after a bunch of cholesterol has built up, will the build-up go away or is it there forever (other than surgery)?

Thanks for your insight, I appreciate it.

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  1. PJ Says:

    Please forgive me for being quite blunt in my reply but I am sick and tired of seeing good people lied to about what diet or exercise program will be their magic cure.

    It is far kinder I believe, and more helpful to know the facts, as ugly as they are…That way you have a fighting chance.

    The facts are not very uplifting, but here they are… At least you are aware of this junk in your system. Yes… Right now, there is a ton of deadly ‘plaque’ inside your intestines, not to mention harmful ‘parasites’ (mostly worms!) that are making and keeping you fat!
    The fact is: 99.9% of all people living within the United States, and about 91% of everyone else living outside of America are infested with this JUNK.

    And it’s put there on purpose! ( I know this sounds like “men in dark suits with sunglasses flying in black helicopters” kinda stuff.)..But you gotta hear it, it’s for your own good…

    And yes there is a solution, so read on. This article called." Free Me From Fat Forever" certainly breaks the mold on everything that the media feeds us to do with weight loss.

    If it is the truth, it’s quite shocking?
    I hope it can help

  2. susan o Says:

    Of course it will at least decrease if you have a drastic change in diet.
    Or, you could take cholesterol lowering medicines and possibly damage your liver.
    There is no surgery that removes arterial deposits.
    Exercise helps some but diet is what really does the job. Simply avoid fatty foods like dairy products (milk, cheese, butter). Personally, I’m 65 and have no intention of stopping dairy. I love pastries and chocolates.
    The body is designed to handle a certain amount of cholesterol, everyone has SOME cholesterol and it DOES have it’s job to do.

  3. hamid b Says:

    The answer is NO!

    There are no research studies that support this. There have been some, again SOME reduction in plaque size and volume in some patients following Dr. Ornish’s diet, which is almost non-fat.

    As far as "bunch of build up", there has never been good case studies supporting severe build up reversal just by diet and exercise. One of the only ways of following these subjects is by angiogram and not many funded research study is going to support multiple angiograms on healthy and unhealthy subjects. Very tough to do.