Do my pink pomegranates need to ripen?

I recently bought 3 pomegranates at the market for a pound and was thrilled. However, when I got them home I noticed that the seeds were pink or pinkish/clear and relatively unjuicy compared to the pomegranates I buy back home in the United States. Those have vivid red seeds packed with flavorful juice that spills everywhere.

Are the pomegranates I bought today a different type of pomegranate than I buy in the United States or do I need to give them time to ripen? If so, in what environment should I do this?

How do I determine if the pomegranate I am buying has the vibrant, juicy red seeds inside instead of these weak, sweet pink ones? Or do they not sell the vivid red kind on the UK?

Help! Thanks 🙂

2 Responses to “Do my pink pomegranates need to ripen?”

  1. Analyst Says:

    i think these are different types of pomegranates, i noticed that too. it depends on where they were brought from i guess. sorry, i don’t know more, but i do know they don’t ripen any more after being picked, so sorry again.

  2. Green Riptide Says:

    Let the buyer beware, tell yourself they are a delicious alternative taste, or toss them and write it off as a wasted purchase.