Does a torn vertebral artery destroy the spine? Why would a hospital pretend it didn’t happen? Is it fixable?

My posterior longitudinal ligament tore away from several cervical spine vertebrae 10 years after I was mildly electrocuted by a dangerous refrigerator. I had first developed poor blood distribution around my spine and hips; then, I got osteoporosis -only in the spine; then, the ligaments in my neck started snapping; then the big tear of the PLL. The hospital took note, but dismissed it. A month later, the PLL was fully ossified and protruding. This caused compression of every disk in my spine. The MRI was authorized with contrast dye, but the dye was mysteriously left out on the MRI. Corruption or patient safety? The torn blood vessel might leak dye into spinal canal and paralyze me, I found out. Why the secrecy? Why the claim of arthritis? The ossification is absolutely injury-induced. It is not CALCIFICATION (as in arthritis). I am on disability because of this…15 months. Is it because I am poverty-stricken? Is this legal for a hospital to do this?

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  1. aneurodoc125 Says:

    How do you relate the posterior longitudinal ligament to a torn vertebral artery? That usually results in immediate problems. I have seen personally 3 patients in the ER with what proved to be torn vertebral aa. 2 were DOA, one died shortly afterward.

    How did they establish "poor circulation to the spine" without an angiogram?

    The PLL cannot affect the disks- it is affected by bulging discs, but cannot damage the discs.

    There are a lot of assumptions here it seems. How do you prove a mild shock (there is no such thing as a mild electrocution) did anything to your neck?

    A torn vertebral artery does not cause osteoporosis, either.

    Who in the world told you contrast from an MRI could leak out and paralyze you? You are getting a lot of very suspect advice.

    As far as the contrast goes, they may have simply forgotten it, or you may have some contraindication- like kidney disease to the use of the contrast.

    Don't try to make any money off the hospital for this- you will lose. Someone needs to get their anatomy and physiology straight.