Does Angioprim clear carotid arteries?

Does Angioprim clear carotid artery's. I have a blockage of 60 to 70 % on the left side of my neck.Can a stent be used on this blockage? I also have severe heart disease, and have a defibrillator implanted in my left side below my shoulder. I have been told by my cardiologist that I am at risk to go under anestesia. SORRY FOR THE INCORRECT SPELLING. Thanks

One Response to “Does Angioprim clear carotid arteries?”

  1. ckm1956 Says:

    Sorry, but no. There's no magic pill to clear arteries.

    You need to see a top rate vascular surgeon.He/she is an expert on carotid disease.

    BTW, 60-70% isn't that much. In average patients, we don't intervene until the blockage exceeds 70%. High risk patients, 80%.

    Yes, it can be stented. However, we've successfully operated on patients with really bad hearts.