does angioprim works for heart problems?

i heard of this bottle that cleanse your arteries that are clogged does anybody know what is this???

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  1. coldfinger Says:

    I have been looking for the facts about Angioprim, but all I've seen are advertisments, 2 notes from the FDA warning the Company to comply or cease, and one AHA forum website that has been interestingly shut down.

    Remember the addage re something being 2 good 2B true.

    Now there ARE certain drugs that DO work for sure, and meet the customer's expectations SO WELL that free samples have be known to have been generously given out on many occasions. These drugs [which, by the way, are widely available to both children and adults of all ages and ethnicities without prejudice or prescription] include, but are not limited to:

    1. Marijuana
    2. Cocaine
    3. Crack
    4. Methenphetamines
    5. Jack Daniels, Seagrams, Budweiser
    6. Tobacco
    7. Caffine
    8. and Sugar

    "But Mr. Coldfinger, are not the first four illegal?"

    I never said they were legal…I said they were widely available.

    Maybe we should add Angioprim to this list, at least until further notice from the FDA.

  2. c_schumacker Says:

    To my knowledge there is no supplement taken by mouth or by infusion that will cleanse your arteries like Liquid Plummer might do to your household plumbing.

    There is an invasive procedure – the study is called an angiogram, the fixing of a problem is called an angioplasty. These are very commonly performed. They have a good safety and effectiveness record for patients who require them.

    See the link below for more information.

    I hope this helps. Good luck.

  3. Stephanie Says:

    I haven’t heard of that before. I would check out Harmony Heart Group‘s website. They have some great information about heart health there.