Does anyone have experience with ADD medication and stabilized bipolar disorder?

My bipolar has finally leveled out, which I'm hoping will last. However, I still can't focus or concentrate and am bored most of the time because nothing holds my attention.

My doctor has said before he'd rather not put me on a stimulant, but I really think it might help. I like that my mood has improved, but I can tell my brain still doesn't function right. I was hoping to get some input from others with similar experiences.

3 Responses to “Does anyone have experience with ADD medication and stabilized bipolar disorder?”

  1. peppermintpatty Says:

    Ask him to just let u try one.. at a very small dose. If u truly feel it would benefit u…go to another dr. Not know what u r on, but probably those 2 types of meds are contraindicated (not to be taken together).
    Both slow ur heart rate…ADD meds. are stimulants which act as depressants when given to a person with or ADD or ADHD.

    Have u had diagnosis of ADD? If not, that needs to happen first b4 u take meds for it.

  2. Cyd Says:

    I have the same thing except my doctor put me on a non-stimulant med (provigil) for the add. It's working amazingly well. Perhaps that could be an option for you. Otherwise see if he'll put you on a very low dose of a stimulant medication but if you're doing so well I'd avoid them. Best of luck.

  3. playdeaddear Says:

    I was diagnosed with ADHD, bipolar disorder type 2, a general social anxiety disorder, not to mention insomnia.

    I am on Adderall XR for my ADHD, Wellbutrin XL for my depression, Lamictal to even out the mania and Ambien for sleep. I had previous substance abuse problems so I was a bit worried about a stimulant, but I love Adderall. I'm doing very well in college.

    You could try Stratera. It is a non stimulant drug for ADD/ADHD.

    I've been on Concerta aswell for my ADHD with no positive results.