Does anyone know anything about D-Ribose health supplements? Another name is Corvalen.?

I am Type 2 diabetic and have had congestive heart failure in the past. I'm not planning on trying this without my doctor's approval. I'm just doing a little research on it and would like to hear from others that may have tried it. It's supposed to increase energy and relieve aches and tiredness.

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  1. CityKitten Says:

    Sure, D-Ribose is basically a sugar that fuels ATP (adenosine triphosphate) synthesis. It definitely increases energy and relieves aches (it's also helpful for those with fibromyalgia). The energy it creates isn't a caffeine-type of energy. It's more of a "natural" energy. Hard to explain, but didn't make me crash afterwards… I just felt like I used to when I had more energy. The only thing I might caution you about is that it is a sugar, so if you're diabetic you might want to factor that into your sugar intake. Don't know what it does for those with CHF- might ask your MD about that just in case.

  2. exnavyew Says:

    You should find the article below of interest.

    Good Luck!!!

  3. SkepDoc 2.0 Says:

    Ribose is a sugar. Yes it happens to be one involved in the formation of the backbone of RNA. The body makes it from other constituent products . Taking it in your diet makes no difference to the overall availability of ribose. If there is an excess, the body converts it to something else.

    Sugar gives you quick energy. It would be cheaper just to buy sugar.
    You are a diabetic, so should be avoiding sugar

    Basically, what I'm saying is, its a bit of fraud which is rampant in the "health food/supplement" industry.

  4. Mystic Portals/JT and RA Says:

    I am a diabetic, type II. I also have atrial fibrillation and an irregular heart beat. I take D-Ribose when I feel I can't get enough air into my lungs, which sometimes wakes me up at night. I get up, take one scoop measure (comes with the product), in a glass of water, and in a matter of minutes I can breathe normally and go back to sleep.

    I found this out from a Dr. Richard Becker (Your Health, a TV show). He explained that when a heart is not working properly, it lacks energy and can't pump enough blood which the lungs need to function properly. I guess that's what makes me get enough air in my lungs after I've taken the D-Ribose. It's a chain reaction — the heart is energized, so pumps more blood, enabling the lungs to function better.

    Every person needs to let their 'inner doctor' speak to them regarding what is helping. A doctor needs tests, but only you know how you feel.

    I found this out when listening to a program on TV, World Harvest Television (WHT). I get it on DirecTV.
    Dr. Richard Becker, on weekdays at 12 noon Central time and gives good Alternative and other medical advice. He believes in Holistic medicine. He is a cancer survivor. He and his wife, Cindy, give a lot of good, researched guidance. There's interviews with other Doctors, and they take calls from people with medical problems, plus they send them starter packets of items they need, vitamins, and specialty items, like for sinus problems, etc. If you can find that program, you will find it helpful.

    I understand that the 'sugar' that is D-Ribose is not ordinary sugar and it does not raise one's blood-sugar.
    The easiest thing to do is get a bottle of D-Ribose and try a little, then test your blood sugar and note your energy level. It's particularly good before trying exercise.

    Check the Internet, you can find D-Ribose information there, and Dr. Richard Becker has a site you can find there also.