Does Apple Cider Vinegar really clean ur arteries of Plaque?

If so, how many tablespoons should i take a day/week/month? Do u take it everyday or whats the dosage amount like?

Has it been proven to clean out arteries and veins?
WOW Yousseff! thanks for telling me thats so scary– thanks for the warning, fuck apple cider vinegar!

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  1. YoussefDoukkala Says:

    You will not believe me and people will not believe me here but I tell you that I earned a gastritis by using the Apple cider vinegar so watch out and do not overuse this stuff or stop using it! gastritis is a very bad disease I' a muslim and I was heavy drinking alcohol for 16 years but I end up with gastritis in just two month by using cider vinegar.

  2. Az R Says:

    They actually did a study on this stuff in diabetics. It doesn't make you lose weight. It doesn't do anything to your cholesterol or arteries. It doesn't cure ulcers – though there's some reports of it making them subjectively worse. It doesn't cure infections.

    The only thing it has ever been shown to do is decrease gastric emptying time – basically the time it takes your food to move from your stomach to your intestines a very small amount. This could maybe make a diabetic's blood sugar levels blip.

    It's one of those things that for whatever reason gets advocated for everything (like niacin). It's a salad dressing. Not a miracle cure.

  3. julie Says:

    I never heard that although it does have other health benefits.

    You should only use RAW apple cider vinegar with the "mother" common brands are spectrum natural or braggs–get at health food store

    But to get rid of plague the fabulous duo to do this is

    cayenne (hotter the better) and RAW garlic (minimum of three cloves or more)

    cayenne tincture or tea better than capsules but I read capsules do work according to the book left for dead where I got this info from someone who saved himself when they told him to do another triple bypass which he refused.

    Add ginger tincture to this to clear the capillaries

  4. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Says:

    You can't just loosn plaque and flush it. Plaque that is not handled properly will become lodged in places you don't want them. It's called a stroke.