Does lowering your cholesterol also remove plaque from your arteries?

5 Responses to “Does lowering your cholesterol also remove plaque from your arteries?”

  1. cardiophile Says:

    Most of the plaques remain as such and a very few regress. Progression will certainly be reduced. Unstable plaques will become stable.

  2. Ark Says:

    “HDL can remove cholesterol from atheroma within arteries”

    HDL. High-density lipoprotein.

    Found in:
    Foods containing omega-3 fatty acids (such as fatty fish and dark, leafy greens)

  3. C F Says:

    read about dr. dean ornish

  4. aceofspd Says:

    ark is mostly right. He did leave out eggs and red meat as a good source of omega 3, but it should be grass feed cows and free range hens. Ornish is a low fat guy and has been discredited for not controlling all variables in his studies. You should know that lowering cholesterol can not remove plaque because the level of cholesterol had nothing to do with the formation of plaque. The plaque was formed (with the help of cholesterol) in response to arterial damage. The damage can be from smoking, high insulin levels (true link of diabetes and heart problems), trans-fats, rancid vegetable oil, oxidized cholesterol (as in egg beaters and powdered cheese), too much omega 6 in the diet.
    Pharmacist who's life was almost ruined by Lipitor
    CKM has been on 80mg of Zocor for years and seems to have some of the classic cognitive side effects. He does not ever give refrences and blocks email.

  5. ckm1956 Says:

    Unfortunately no. So far, there’s nothing that can reduce the the plaque.

    The pharmacist is way off. There are mounds of evidence that show the link between cholesterol, plaque, and heart disease.
    The big clue is that he references a journalist, not a peer-reviewed scientific journal.