Does name brand matter when buying health supplements.?

Let's say I am buying health supplements such as Multi-Vitamin Tablets, Melatonin or Omega 3.

1. Should I consider a name brand or is it okay to pick the cheapest one?

2. Of the following brands, which one has the best quality and is most trustworthy?
Natrol, Nature Made, Schiff, GNC, Centrum and etc.
(Suggest me other brand if you can!)

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  1. Ken Says:

    I always recommend staying with the big players whose quality control and effectiveness is well established. I like the Life Extension Institute products. SportsPharma is also good. As luck would have it, I just did some research on this very subject this morning. I came across a link evaluating the "top 25" supplements sold in the US and Canada. They say this was the top 25 out of 1,000 and claim all by independent study. I will include a link below. Here are their findings:

    "Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements"
    by Lyle MacWilliam, BSc, MSc, FP.

    1 USANA Health Sciences Essentials (U.S.)
    2 Douglas Labs Ultra Preventive X
    3 Vitamin Research Products Extend Plus
    4 Source Naturals Life Force Multiple
    5 Source Naturals Élan Vitàl
    6 USANA Health Sciences Essentials (Canadian)
    7 FreeLife Basic Mindell Plus
    8 Life Extension Foundation Life Extension Mix
    9 Karuna Maxxum 4
    10 Ultimate Nutrition Super Complete
    11 Douglas Labs Ultra Preventive Beta
    12 SportsPharma Multiguard
    13 Dr. Julian Whitaker's Forward Multi-Nutrient
    14 Douglas Labs Ultra Preventive III
    15 amni Added Protection III
    16 Purity Products Perfect Multi Focus Formula
    17 DaVinci Laboratories Spectra Woman
    18 Doctor's Nutrition Mega Vites Woman
    19 Mountain Naturals of Vermont Women's Superior
    20 Douglas Labs Ultra Preventive IX
    21 Nutrition Dynamics Optimum Health Essentials
    22 Karuna Maxxum 2
    23 DaVinci Laboratories Spectra
    24 FoodScience of Vermont Superior Care
    25 Mountain Naturals of Vermont Superior Care

  2. thebigm57 Says:

    I suggest the Solgar VM 75 Multivitamin…its the best, been on them for years…feel good and don't have many health issues (other than hereditary ones HBP, but that's it). PEACE!

  3. Mozzi Says:

    Solgar is a trustworthy make, they do extensive research into their products. Viridian are also a reputable make. My personal faves are New Chapter as they make incredibly natural, easily absorbable supplements that really really fantastic. Generally with supplements you get what you pay for.

  4. sapphire_630 Says:

    Any you buy in the grocery store are not that good.
    They are okay if that is all you can afford.
    I don't even care for much of GNC's stuff.
    You are better off looking for supplements that do not contain fillers and binders like magnesium stearate, sodium benzonate, palmitic acid and so forth. is one place that has more organic supplements.

  5. sonicthescrewdriver Says:

    All that matters is three things:

    1. It is 'standardised' which means the amount of active ingredient is the same in each and every pill. This matters more for herbals than vitamins, of course.

    2. It does not contain any filler ingredients or dyes that you have an allergy to.

    3. The ingredient you want is in a form you can absorb easily. For example Calcium Carbonate is a good antacid but not a good calcium supplement. OR if you are taking Iron know that it needs Vitamin C with it in order to get absorbed. Stuff like that. Also Omega 3 is often made from Fish Oil, which is great, but it can make you burp, which isn't, so get the pills that say 'burpless.'

  6. reggie Says:

    any brand they are all the same its only the name but you get the vitamins in what you eat if you eat proper foods fruit and veg

  7. howlegh Says:

    Of course the brand is important. In the supplement industry, no one is watching what companies do very closely. So, some companies are fly-by-night while others are very credible.

    A great resource to research these products is They collect consumer reviews on thousands of products and rate them from 1-5 stars.

  8. allen a Says:

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