does worshiping a god trigger something in the brain?

we know that different parts of the brain respond to food, sex, and other stimulants. is worshiping simply a stimulant? if so, that would explain a lot of things.

what do you guys think?

6 Responses to “does worshiping a god trigger something in the brain?”

  1. rolfsmitherines Says:

    People who worship God need something to give them solace, or a false sense of hope.

    A lot of people say, why God did my son get murdered? Why God did this hurricane wipe out my home? See, God doesn't care about feelings. God has no preference to so called good or bad people, as far as I can tell. God cares about balance, if there is a God or if God is a conscious entity at all.

    Someone once said that religion insanity by consensus. Most people believe that God and religion are inseparable. Man created religion.

    God is perfect, man is imperfect, man seeks perfection, so perfection must exist.

    The only thing I know is that I know absolutely nothing.

  2. :) Says:

    people who have religious experiences tend to have abnormalities in the temporal lobes…abnormalities as in negative, not ideal stuff

  3. 123cantyousee Says:

    you have green hair.

  4. Khalid E Says:

    you just feel at peace…

    Muslim.. dont know about others…

  5. X Theist Says:

    It triggers ignorance and demoralises the freedom of thought.

  6. dangel Says:

    no it triggers something in the soul. our brain is not the only thing that we have. when we only use our brain we become ignorant for whats there but when we use our soul, anyting is possible.