effect of psycho stimulants on regions of the brain?

How amphetamine and cocaine affect specific regions of the brain,i.e: caudate putamen, hippocampus,nucleus accubens

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  1. canada_winnipeg_man Says:

    The experiments examined amphetamine-induced locomotion and stereotyped behavior in hippocampal-ablated and control rats for 30 days following surgery. Locomotor counts, stereotypy ratings, and locomotor-time profiles showed that d-amphetamine sulfate produced a selective enhancement of locomotion (cage crosses) at the expense of stereotyped behavior in hippocampal rats relative to normal control rats.

    This enhancement emerged over the first 2 weeks postsurgery. To examine the role of the striatum in this amphetamine-induced effect, combined hippocampal damage and 6-hydroxydopamine-induced damage of the nucleus accumbens or caudate-putamen were used. These results suggested that amphetamine-enhanced locomotion of hippocampal rats is dependent upon the integrity of the nucleus accumbens and may reflect a change of nucleus accumbens activity relative to caudate-putamen activity.

    Together these findings suggest that the hippocampus may participate in the control of locomotion by projections that modulate the activity of the nucleus accumbens.Amphetamines are said to have an effect on the body similar to that of cocaine, except the high is much longer lasting. Amphetamines stimulate the central nervous system by mimicking the effects of norepinephrine, better known as adrenaline.

    The brain’s synaptic sites respond as if to a heavy dose of adrenaline, causing the heart and bodily systems to race at full bore. The user gets a strong feeling of unlimited power. The pupils dilate, the heart pumps frantically, breathing is rapid and the mucous membranes dry out. While the user’s energy reserves remain, the user has an immense sense of euphoria, happiness, power and the drive to go out and do anything and everything she’s ever wanted.

    Once the energy reserves of the user have been depleted, she collapses in exhaustion. In smaller doses, the drug can be effective at opening up the airways and aiding the user to focus mentally. Take care always……………