Fish oil supplement in 8 year old? Suggestions/comments please?

My neice is diagnosed with rare disorder of kidney to which there is no treatment. Research on the disorder consistently reveals benefits of fish oil in repairing existing damage and slowing/halting progression of the disease. Her specialist recommends she take fish oil everyday.

She started with Carlson's Kids lemon flavored liquid. She didn't tolerate it well; made her gag & burp. I take Natures Way Fisol Fish Oil which is enteric coated so causes no stomach disrupt.

Lable says enteric coated makes it much more absorbable by the body. Also states "tested and mercury and PCB free". The dosage in 1 capsule is listed below. I was going to suggest to her mom 1 capsule per day.

Fish Oil (Sardine, Anchovy, Mackerel) 500 mg
Omega-3 fatty acids 250mg
EPA 150mg
DHA 100mg

One Response to “Fish oil supplement in 8 year old? Suggestions/comments please?”

  1. Judy B Says:

    Her parents really should ask her specialist this question. If she has a potentially life threatening disorder, you do not want them to rely on advice from the Internet.

    When her parents show the pills to her specialist, he will let them know if the dosage is correct.