fountain of mucous! what natural supplements or organic products will stop…?

my nasal cavity from producing to much mucus? i can’t even breath through my nose at times for weeks throughout the night, and always at night…. like what does the night and day have to do with out nasal cavity?

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4 Responses to “fountain of mucous! what natural supplements or organic products will stop…?”

  1. ohiorganic Says:

    buy a neti pot at any health food store and use it per instructions 3 to 5 times a day until your sinuses clear up. than use once or twice a day to keep them this way

  2. o Says:

    check out traditional chinese medicine and seven forest products, find a practioner…. there is stuff that will help you

  3. ckngbbbls Says:

    Is it clear and runny or clear and thick. Clear is generally allergy or sensitivity to something. The reason more at night is you are in one spot at night and you may be having a reaction to dust or mold in your bedroom or if the cat or dog sleeps with you….
    If the mucus is thick and greenish or yellowish, you have sinus infection.
    I would recommend you do the following.
    dust your room thoroughly and avoid air fresheners.
    look for a source of mold
    get the cat off your pillow(thats where mine sits)
    add a Humidifier to your room or if you have one, make sure it is cleaned often as that can be the source of your troubles if you do not clean them often.
    drink more liquids to thin out the mucus.
    take an over the counter nasal decongestant which will also dry things up a bit. My favorite is sudafed.
    You could also try a product called musinex. I have heard it is good but haven’t tried it before.
    Most of the advice I have given is to help find the source of your problem because that is sometimes easier than treating the symptoms.

  4. km Says:

    Ther is a natural product called "Sinus Buster" which is terrific.