From where in New Zealand can I buy AcaiPure or OROVO DETOX supplements?

I want to try AcaiPure or Orovo detox to help me lose weight fast. I currently exercise 30 minutes a day and eat reasonably healthy food. Where an I buy these supplements from in NZ?

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  1. Authentically Angela Says:

    I am an Senior Director in Orovo, and live in the US. I emailed the COO and asked what the possibilities were of shipping you a product, but because Orovo is so new they are still working out contracts with UPS. You can still purchase the products at retail prices through Orovo and other online distributors, but it will not be at the wholesale price.

    A few sites are listed below, but I can not attest to the integrity or legitimacy of these website, for I have never purchased from them before so make sure you do research before purchasing from them….

    I have a lot of product and can provide you with a sample of the Orovo Original or Detox to see if you like it before spending too much money. If you haven’t purchased the products yet, and are interested, you are more than welcome to email me at

    To Your Health,
    Authentically Angela

  2. ♥Blonde Angel♥ Says:

    Check out these websites

    These people import it into NZ –

    And you should be able to get OROVO DETOX from a local pharmacy..