Genetically modyfying milk: Can someone answer five quick questions?

I am a high school student doing a biology project on genetic engineering with milk and livestock and I was wondering if I could get an interview. Thanks a lot. Please add any sort of job titles or degrees if you can because that it required. Thanks


1.What kind of enzymes are used in the cattle to produce better quality milk?

2. What is the benefit of using omega-3 fatty acids in milk cows?

3. What is pasteurization and irradiation and is it used in your product?

4.Should one use pesticides and herbicides and how is this factored in to the health of the cows?

5. Are methods for treating the genetic disease Mad Cow desease tended to and how is it found early.

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  1. *~*kadoo lover*~* Says:

    I higly reccomend that you contact a professor at UC Davis. They are huge about animals, farm animals, livestock, and genetically modified foods.

    The right professor will answer your questions well and provide you with furhter background. UC Davis is your best bet!