Get answers from millions of real people.?

During the procedure coronary and LV angiography & CT Angio by brother found to have following problems;
Left main Coronary artery – Normal
Left anterior descending artery – 95% stenosis in the proximal LAD
Left Cricumflex artery – 70 % stenosis invlving the origin of larger sized OM
Doctors suggested stenting.. He has high triglycerides, low HLD, High LDL, His age is 42.

Is there is any other way to dissolve the plaque other than go for stenting. His fear is stent is external material & going to sit critical portion of the artery for our life time can leade to complicatoins in the long term

3 Responses to “Get answers from millions of real people.?”

  1. dream my baby Says:

    Stenting is best option. Trust doctor advice, OK.

  2. *Summer* Says:

    WHAT? I don’t understand a word you are saying! Is this even a question?

  3. mizs busy-body ³ Says:

    they have laser surgeries to unblock clogged arteries insurance might not pay for it