Has anyone every tried Acai Berry Detox? Or any other Acai Berry products?

I looked up Acai Berry on line and I wanted to know if anyone has every tried it. To my knowledge it has many health benefits. It also helps to get rid of that stubborn belly fat.

So has anyone every tried this product? Is it safe? Is it effective? What are the disadvantages and advantages of taking this product?

3 Responses to “Has anyone every tried Acai Berry Detox? Or any other Acai Berry products?”

  1. Jessica Says:

    I have been reading up on the acai berry myself. The acai berry’s natural combination of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, phytosterols, and amino acids work together to assit your body and make it function better. Your body will process food more easily and burn fat more efficiently.
    The acai berry has around twenty times the antioxidants of red grapes. It is a wonderful protein, and has a large amount of dietary fiber. The fats contained in the acai berry are healthy omega fats.
    The acai berry is loaded with amino acids, which muscles need to function properly and benefit from exercise. These amino acids combined with fatty acids allow the body to burn fat more effectively and help tone your muscles.

    I have found the following informational site very informative – http://www.acai-health-diet.com.

  2. pet Says:

    Its a scam most likely. Eat healthy and exercise and your body will magically look better.

  3. Here pelican, pelican, pelican Says:

    There are no dangers to the Acai berry as it is the world’s healthiest superfood.