Has anyone experience with acai juice? Alot of conflicting advice about the products on the market.?

Acai berry is from Brazil and is being touted as having amazing health benefits however skeptics say the products being marketed only have a small percentage of the juice and the claims are based on flawed or slanted research.

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  1. nonconformiststraightguy Says:

    The Acai fruits deteriorate rapidly after harvest, so outside the tree's growing region the fruit is generally only available as juice or fruit pulp that has been frozen, dried, or freeze dried. Recently it has been shown that the high ORAC antioxidant value of the açaí fruit was greatly enhanced when a freeze-drying process was utilized to preserve the fruit pulp compared to other drying methods

    I have had acai in Rio several times , and I can honestly say I felt good after the drink. In the States, I think you must check the percentage of fruit on each company's label

  2. sick-ovit-all Says:

    All berries have good antioxidants, some more than others. I don't know the specifics on acai berry but most likely it is high in the antioxidants. Each individual product should be evaluated as to amount of juice, amount of sugar, etc. – remember also that it is pasteurized which kills some of the good stuff. Compare prices – acai juice is available at health food stores as well as online. Usually natural products aren't well studied or researched, unless it is by pharmacuetical companies who want to find out how to make something similar that is patentable or if possible, put them in a bad light. They aren't going to share information about the good stuff in natural form. Ever see an advertisement for broccoli? Wonderful stuff to fight cancer but no one is going to advertise it because no money to be made from it. For health, my idea would be don't put all your eggs in one basket. Go for the broad approach. Noni juice is also tauted as being good, and mangosteen juice. Pomagrante juice is not so exotic (or expensive) but also very good for health as is tart cherry.

  3. Eric T Says:

    I recently decided I wanted to increase my income this year and was looking into ways of doing it. One of the companies I came across markets an acai juice. They sent me a free bottle to try about 2 weeks ago. I have been drinking it every morning and can say that I do feel more energized and alert. Now I am not sure if this is all in my head or if it is due to the juice, but I definetly feel a difference in how I feel each day. My best advice would be to get yourself some and give it a try. As far as the percentage of actual acai juice in the one I am drinking, I am not sure. It does taste suprisingly good though for how it looks. My bottle is a very dark reddish-brown that really doesn't look that tasty, but after the first sip, I realized I was wrong.


  4. Brian D Says:

    Your best bet is to check out the website bomdia.com.

    They make an Acai juice that tastes great, you can buy it at local supermarkets like Whole Foods, Wegmans etc…

    They have higher antioxidant level then pomegrenate alone and opened up their own plant in Brazil to keep everything fresh and healthy.

    Check them out, you wont be dissapointed.