Has anyone used angioprim or cardio renew that is believed to clear blocked arteries and is this true?

If you are a candidate for open heart surgery will taking angioprim help you to avoid having it?

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  1. nice guy Says:

    You will find a lot of "nay sayers" when it comes to chelation therapy. BMAC may very well be right about cardio renew. As I recall, that is an oral chelation therapy. I for one cannot tell you if what they are selling is authentic. However, I have researched chelation therapy, and firmly believe that it has theraputic value and can start the process of reversing coronary artery disease. From what I have read, the most effective form is IV chelation. It is not some magical formula, but I firmly believe that it can have benefits if used while ingesting a very heart healthy diet. There is simply to much positve data regarding chelation therapy to dismiss it. The medical community does not endorse it, or for that matter even consider it, because it is outside the norm, and primarily because heart disease is a cash cow to the medical establishement. Doctors, hospitals, and the medical community as a whole are more concerned with generating revenue than patient care. And if that means sacrificing patients lives to improve there bottom line, they have demonstrated for many years that this is precisely what they will do.

    Please keep in mind that chelation therapy is not a cure all, and should be looked at only as a part of the process to returning to improved heart health. There are of course circumstances that medical intervention such as heart bypass surgery is done out of medical necessity, but that is not always the case. Chelation and other non invasive therapies, in some cases, can be equally if not more effective than traditional therapies for heart disease. Speak to a doctor who is open minded regarding different therapies, be certain that your doctors motivation for recommending bypass surgery is not monetary. Bypass surgery is absolutley necessary for some individuals, but there are many surgeries such as these where non invasive therapy would be adviseable. Research this thouroughly. There is a lot of good info. on the web, it just takes time to sort through the mumbo jumbo determining whom you should believe. The very best of luck to you.

  2. bmac Says:

    No. ALL of these companies are a scam. There is nothing out there that will clear blocked arteries (or cure cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc.) They just want your money and will tell you anything–especially to desperate people who are frightened. They believe they will be cured, then they stop their prescription medications and then they end up in the hospital….or die.

    Don't take anything unless it's prescribed by your cardiologist or surgeon.