Has anyone with PAD or other arterial diseas tried Chelation therapy? Have you tried any of the following:?

Have you or someone you know with arterial disease (PAD, Int. Claudication, hardening of the arteries, etc.) tried any of these or other chelation therapy products, and have you/they had any success? My sister-in law is supposed to have surgery for stents and is looking for non-surgical alternatives. Anyone had experience with any of these?
Cardio Restore
Strauss Heart Drops
(I have also, separately, asked about surgery, so if you have had surgery, please answer that question also). Many, many thanks.
If you haven't, don't just state "NO" please indicate why. If you are just gaming for points, go annoy someone else.

5 Responses to “Has anyone with PAD or other arterial diseas tried Chelation therapy? Have you tried any of the following:?”

  1. Amy P Says:

    As a cardiologist, I can assure you that chelation therapy has never been proven in any rigorously controlled, well designed, scientifically valid study. It's probably a waste of money at best and can be harmful at worst, particularly if one stops working with a traditional physician in order to pursue this avenue.

  2. kylerough04 Says:


  3. dubitwo Says:

    No I have never heard of those procedures. I have had two stent procedures–both successful–six years ago. All is well. Now they have new and improved stents and easier recovery

  4. mike Says:

    i read the EDTA reports and trials and they seemed to exclude anyone who would benefit from the therapy and treatments and if so thus showed no benefits????????/

  5. mike Says:

    but the sales pitches on some methods including the EDTA seemed with the testimonials to be exactly what one would like to have to prevent the problems of the arterial plaques which are a great and very common problem