Health nutrition bodybuilding dietary nutritional supplements that work?

Which supplements actually work for Strength, Growth, and Endurance?

So far creatine seems to me to be the only thing that works, please share what has worked for you.


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  1. OnlineHelper Says:

    Hey there, I use Super Pump250, Cell Mass, and Optimum Nutirion Whey Protein and have had very good results with them. It’s expensive, but worth it 🙂

  2. zookr Says:

    Muscle Milk (from Abbott) is a good one to start with. EAS products are excellent also (if a bit pricey) – check out a Vitamin World or Vitamin Shoppe in your area & see if they might have the whey protein powder supplents on clearance shelves (great savings). As far as regular diet would go, don’t forget pumpkin seeds & cashews & bananas (lots of zinc & plant proteins). Arginine along w/your creatine (+ taurine) are good aminos to seek out & stay with as they are time tested by many bodybuilders. Stick w/lowfat milk (1 or 2% is fine), just no whole milk. Sometimes, I even do the SlimFast drinks, but they can be a bit too sugary. Be sure to mix up your routines & don’t get in a rut w/things – crosstraining is great stuff remember, in addition to weights.
    Skipping rope is good for both endurance and agility. Good luck!

  3. tennislover Says:

    u might want to try nitro oxide…

  4. Anthony Says:

    Okay, well there are many pre/post workout supplements you can take for endurance and growth. One of the most important things is dieting. If you don’t eat right then you will not see many results. If you want quick results with dieting and working out i would suggest taking a supplement. Dieting, supplements, and working out is the best way to go. When I started taking lean muscle x, i noticed quick results but it wasn’t only the supplement.Before that i took creatine, but that is only good for building up water weight and its only temporary. I wouldn’t suggest taking creatine unless you want useless temporary muscle. It took me about 4 workouts a week and smart dieting. I would eat 6 meals a day, but small meals. My diet contained alot of these types of food: Oatmeal, berries, wheat(carb free diet), chicken, etc…look online for smart dieting foods. This is the website I went to to order mine because they seem to have a reasonable price.I thought it was kindof a scam but they offer a discount for a 30 day trial on it…. Good Luckkk