Health supplements to cure stomach cancer?

Are there any health supplements like opc that could possibly cure, or at least help somone with stomach cancer

2 Responses to “Health supplements to cure stomach cancer?”

  1. Mark Says:

    You cannot "cure" or even treat cancer with a supplement!

    The patient needs actual medicine, usually surgery and/or chemotherapy.

  2. the old onceler Says:

    Im not a medical practitioner. optimal nutrition may assist your recovery.

    1) large raw salads meals. Consisting mainly of (micro-greens) sprouted sunflower greens, sprouted buckwheat greens, (or sprouted greens from lentils, peas, and others) micro greens can be gown in trays and planted daily for continual harvesting. soaking over night before spreading over trays can increase germination. because of the high nutritional content sprouted greens satisfy hunger well.

    2) wheat grass, juiced in small amounts taken on a empty stomach 15mins before meals.

    3) plenty of water. Ideally free from any treatments or contamination.

    3) blue/green agae (spirulina and chlorela) normally taken in water.

    4) NOT consuming any of the following- cooked food, alcohol, coffee, meat, bread, sugar, fruit, root vegetables, dairy, smoking of any kind.

    5) gentle exercise, walking, nothing too excertive.