How can I improve my face tone and reduce wrinkles naturally?

I’ve never been fond of Botox and the like, so if you could recommend something linked to facial exercises, yoga and so on, that should be good.

2 Responses to “How can I improve my face tone and reduce wrinkles naturally?”

  1. Margaret A Says:

    Facial exercises help retain youthfulness by keeping the face muscles elastic. Just like the muscles in your arms and legs, exercising generates similar benefits and is a natural alternative to chemical treatments. In fact, a method known as Facial Yoga is steadily gaining popularity among New Yorkers.

    Your diet and lifestyle too play significantly in deciding your facial contours and muscle volume, so it’s really a holistic engagement of your will to stay healthy meeting the need to look good, that aids in wrinkle-free skin.

  2. justflawless Says:

    haven’t u heard?.. a banana facial can help eliminate wrinkles naturally?.. all you need is a piece of mashed ripe banana and leave on face for like 15 minutes.. the simplest ever there is.. i’ve done it and it’s great !