How can I prevent calcium and plaque buildup in veins & arteries?

Exercise, I know, is a key factor. Are there any foods that can help stop or reduce this kind of blockage?

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  1. obeyoneonly Says:

    yes, hot peppers. Cayenne peppers are great, but Habanaro peppers are the best. However, there is a great food supplement that you can research for your self they have a product that heals the body from the inside out. Either way, it is good to eat right.

    Here is what you can do, heat up a cup of water, put 1/8 teaspoon of Cayenne pepper, stir and drink it 3 times a day. Or get this juice and take 1 oz 3 times a day.

  2. James S Says:

    look up chelation therapy on google i was told it can remove all the plaque and calcium build up in arteries

  3. clinton_diana Says:

    Yoga & pranayam is best with proper diet.
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  4. navyhm1983 Says:

    The best thing is to avoid the foods that have it…

    Trying to remove the problem is very hard. So avoid the fatty high cholesterol foods now and you will be much better off than eating your regular diet and trying to remove the cholesterol after the fact.


  5. coolfool Says:

    Diet. exercise and don't smoke.

  6. careermom18 Says:

    watch your fat intake

  7. michael g Says:

    Take a statin drug. Very effective. See you doctor.